Friday, December 9, 2005

Fun With IRC Magic 8 Ball

After a bad Steve-o joke:

Rockstar: !8BALL will SteveHo always make bad jokes?
8BALL says: "I don't want to talk to you!"
SteveHo: hahahaha
SteveHo: PWNED!

Rockstar: !8BALL would you like to suck on my balls?
8BALL says: "Yes of course."
SteveHo: ROFLSDL:KFJS:LDKjfa;woeif;salkdjfasdkfj
Rockstar: I rest my case.

On a remote executing file problem:

Rockstar: !8BALL is SteveHo's .exe problem legitimate?
8BALL says: "affirmative."
SteveHo: see?
SteveHo: i told you
SteveHo: you think i'm lying

Rockstar: !8BALL is it a PEBKAC?
8BALL says: "hehehe NO!"
Rockstar: lol
SteveHo: SEE?
Rockstar: ho man it IS good
Rockstar: you know what you need? you need some D'yer Mak'er

Rockstar: !8BALL do you agree?
8BALL says: "OH GAWD NO!"
SteveHo: hrm
Rockstar: !8BALL are you a Britney Spears fan?
8BALL says: "No way I'm gonna tell you...your such a dork."
SteveHo: ROFL
Rockstar: !8BALL you suck at spelling!
8BALL says: "Uh, you are soo like gay!"
Rockstar: !8BALL I HATE YOU


Rockstar: !8BALL is matt severely bored?
8BALL says: "You bet your muffins!"
SteveHo: wow...i'm amazed
SteveHo: this thing can't get any better

Rockstar: !8BALL does matt wanna quit really bad but can't afford to just yet?
8BALL says: "I think so."

Rockstar: amazing.

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