Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Here's my as yet apparently unsatisfactory logo for the Greater Rochester & Finger Lakes Central Services Association. "Can you like, squish the letters together more, maybe?"

No. No I can't.

UPDATE: I added the Rochester skyline to the logo. It was in my original sketches, but I decided to simplify it and leave it out. "Thoreau said 'Simplify, simplify.'" Then the client responded to my design by asking if I could put in "a group of sky scrappers [sic] in the back ground representing Rochester." So there you go... sky scrappers.

UPDATE AGAIN: The final version of the logo is somewhat of a comprimise - the letters are squished together, but the surrounding rectangles aren't squished as much as some of the versions that they asked for... so it's not too shabby after all. I also increased the size of the rochester skyline and fixed the black to be darker. Here's the final in color and in the black and white variety:

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