Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lotsa Fun Things

I've taken a little bit of downtime lately, and it's given me the opportunity to do a couple fun things:

I love movies. I've always wanted to make movies. I made a couple short, no-budget mockumentaries (and corresponding songs) in college and I loved doing it.

So now I'm 29, I have a bunch of really talented friends, and we all have the know-how (and equipment) required to make some awesome little films. Welcome to the Awesometown Film Festival (stupid working title pending).

I love making and recording my own music, and when I got my bass back from the shop I was inspired to make some new little demos. These are both unfinished, full of scratch tracks and whatnot, but I just like to get the ideas to tape before I forget them :P

The verse riff of this kinda quirky rock song was in my head when I woke up the other day:
  Song 1-16-12 Demo by Matthew Bielewicz

This is a kind of Flaming Lips meets Radiohead jam I did today:
  Song 1-18-12 Demo by Matthew Bielewicz

I have a huge back catalog of short, odd demos that I've made over the years. I'll keep posting them as I go along. Woooo!

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