Wednesday, October 19, 2005

AM stands for Awful M...annoying. Yes. Mannoying.

This is Emily's Radio. I would try to drown it out, but I think drinking at work would be frowned upon.

I had another awesome weekend this past weekend, and went to Washington DC. The highlights were all the museums (obvious) and the hooka bar and having my way with the Washington Monument. Humping the biggest phallic symbol around has to be good for something.

That dude with le hooka is our buddy Eric who showed us le sweet hooka bar. You can get foods and drinks and whatever, but you can also order a flavor of tobaccy to smoke. Ours was strawberry. Kinda weird to smoke in public places there too. Like Olden Times New York. Or Old York, really. You keep cancer-ing me with second hand smoke and I'll give you what for!

I would put up more pictures... but who really reads this anyway. Peace. Here's the money shot. I think I should put it on

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